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Spring Summer 2024 Lingerie Freya-ROW-Editorial-IntroducingNewCollections-2box-MontageComponent-LingerieTile
Freya-ROW-Editorial-IntroducingNewCollections-2box-MontageComponent-lingerie Freya-ROW-Editorial-IntroducingNewCollections-2box-MontageComponent-lingerie-TextTile

Spring Summer 2024 Lingerie

Delicate embroidery, luxe lace and eye-catching colours... it's never boring, being a Freya girl! Explore our new SS24 Lingerie arrivals, featuring our bestselling Offbeat and Freya Fancies collections, back in brand-new colourways!

For a sneak peek into what’s to come from Freya take a look at our SS24 Lingerie Video below!

Freya Lingerie SS23 Freya-ROW-Editorial-IntroducingNewCollections-MontageComponent-Lingerie-Video-TextTile


Freya Lingerie SS24

Take a sneak peek into stylish, supportive lingerie styles from Freya…

Spring Summer 2024 Swimwear  Freya-ROW-Editorial-IntroducingNewCollections-2Box-MontageComponent-SS23SwimTile
Spring Summer 2023 Swimwear Freya-ROW-Editorial-IntroducingNewCollections-2Box-MontageComponent-SS23-TextTile

Spring Summer 2024 Swimwear

Shop swimwear all year round with Freya! Whether you're relaxing by the pool or exploring the depths of the Ocean, Freya's got you covered! Explore on-trend, supportive swimwear styles in an array of all-new colourways and bold prints.

Check out our SS24 Swimwear video to get a sneak peek into exciting new Freya Swimwear collections! If you spot a collection you love, sign up to our emails below and be the first to know about exciting new Freya drops!

Freya Swim SS23 Freya-ROW-Editorial-IntroducingNewCollections-2Box-MontageComponent-SS23-Swim-TextTile


Freya Swim SS24

Take a sneak peek at Freya's on-trend swimwear styles for Spring Summer 24'

Freya-UK-Editorial-NewSeasonCollections-SS24-LingerieTrends-3BoxTeaser-MB.jpg Introducing - Tile 1 - Lingerie Trends

Lingerie Trends

Live life in full colour with Freya Lingerie and express yourself with eclectic prints and on-trend styling this season.

Freya-UK-Editorial-NewSeasonCollections-SS24-Swimwear-3BoxTeaser-MB.jpg Introducing - Tile 2 - Swimwear Trends


Immerse yourself in Freya’s all new swimwear collections this season.

Freya-UK-Editorial-NewSeasonCollections-SS24-Lingerie-3BoxTeaser-MB.jpg Introducing - Tile 3 - Freya Fancies


Explore Freya's array of must-have lingerie styles this season.